Manifesting or the law of attraction is choosing what you want in your life and realising it. Since antiquity crystals have been used for attracting health, happiness, love, luck and more; so if you set your goal crystals will be there to help you.

First step: set your goal

This is the easiest part of manifesting with crystals. Choose something you would like to have or to be. Always wish for something that is for your highest good. Set possible, tangible objectives: remember that the power of your thoughts influences your life and the lives of people around you. So asking something for your highest good shouldn’t be detrimental to someone else. Even the law of attraction is second to the laws of karma! Also, remember to set one goal at a time as otherwise you won’t be able to focus properly.

Choose your crystal

Looking for love? Emerald, Moonstone or Amber are the crystals for you. Need more luck in life? Chalcedony, Jet or Opal can help. Are you in pursuit of more wealth? Staurolite, Mother-of-pearl or Jade are what you want. There’s a crystal to help you with everything. Looking for an all-purpose crystal? I would recommend quartz. Clear quartz is a very useful crystal that facilitates concentration and mental power so it will be really useful for manifesting.

Meditate to manifest

Look for a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed. Lie down and place your helping crystal on your forehead, breathe deeply and empty your mind of any thoughts. Once your mind is clear, visualise your goal. Think that it is tangible, that you are doing it or possessing it. Feel that the objective is part of you and you are concretely using it. Focus on the crystal and have only positive thoughts about your goal. Meditate in this way for two to three minutes every day. Don’t forget to cleanse your crystal before starting the very first meditation or to de-programme the crystal if you are using it with a specific programme. After the meditation, try not to think about your goal for the rest of the day. You need to focus on it only once a day.

Once the objective has been realised, don’t forget to thank the universe for the special gift you have received. Cleanse your crystal and thank it for the help given.

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