Cleansing crystals is a personal thing and with this I mean you have to pick the method that works best for you.
I used to cleanse my crystals in water and sea salt. First I wash them thoroughly then I put them in a glass container filled with water till the crystals are covered. I then add a good pinch of sea salt. I place my crystals in water and salt in the sunlight and moonlight as much as I can because I feel they get double benefit from the liquid and the light. Water and salt was my favourite cleansing method since I started collecting crystals and I always felt that it was the right one for me. However, it never occurred to me that I could cleanse my crystals with sound, smudging, rice and so on. And what about delicate crystals?

Which method of cleansing crystals is best?

I explained in my previous blog Why cleanse crystals the importance of keeping your crystals cleansed, but which method to choose is personal because you need to ‘feel’ your intention to cleansing them. Please bear in mind when you cleanse or charge crystals: where in the Mohs scale your crystal belongs to, water tolerance and sunlight or strong light tolerance.

Here are some examples:

Sound: the high-pitched sound of a bell, a tuning fork, a gong or a singing bowl is ideal to neutralise negativity in the environment and can tune crystals, clearing any unwanted energies they may have accumulated. The vibration is to be repeated till you feel the crystals are cleansed.
Pros: although nearly everything that can be hit makes a sound, it is our intention that stimulates the cleansing process. This kind of cleansing is both practical and portable, can be done anytime and does not depend on external factors such as weather, environment or location.
Cons: if crystals are to be carried for a healing session it would be cumbersome to carry large instruments
for cleansing as well. Better consider a tuning fork, a bell or a singing bowl.

Water cleansing: putting crystals in running natural water e.g. a river or a spring, will revitalise them. When it is sensed that the negativity has gone then the crystals can be put in the sun to absorb fresh energy. This should fully clean them. If a natural source of water is not available, water from the tap will do. A mesh or a container that allows water in to keep the crystals together is recommended.
Pros: Crystals love water, especially quartzes.
Cons: some crystals with low Mohs scale grade such as selenite, or water intolerant types such as turquoise or fluorite can discolour, melt or disintegrate in water!

Sage cleansing or smudging: the crystals are exposed to smoke from dry sage leaves, an incense stick, a burner or palo santo till it is sensed they are fully cleansed. Usually aromatic herbs like sage, woods such as cedar or resins such as frankincense or benzoin are well known for their purifying qualities and so are the best to cleanse crystals as well. Pros: incense sticks are relatively cheap to buy. Cons: this technique needs to be carried out in a well ventilated place to avoid saturating the air. Some people could be particularly sensitive to strong smells and may even be allergic.

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