I believe each and every one of us deserves happiness.

I want you to be happy too.

My name is Salvo, an ICGT-qualified Crystal Healer. I am divinely guided by the Highest Light to help heal and restore happiness. This, together with my knowledge of the therapeutic power of crystals can help you find your inner balance, heal past traumas, release fear and resolve anxiety.

Your coming to my website is no accident: by being here, you feel that I can help lead you back to your true self. Clients who have attended my sessions say they could sense the presence of my Guide and the powerful energy of change within themselves. They felt their lives had improved significantly after experiencing my crystal therapies.

Why Crystal Healing?

Instead of addressing the immediate symptoms of a dis-ease, Crystal Healing, like other holistic therapies, considers the underlying causes of it, be they physical, mental or spiritual. Crystal Healing is about re-establishing the harmony and balance within the body using the natural high vibrations that crystals have. Laying carefully chosen crystals on particular points on the body allows that body to ‘re-tune’ itself and restore the equilibrium and wellbeing that were missing.

What my clients say:

‘I had been having problems with my feet hurting for quite some time. Finally it got so bad I couldn’t sleep. I asked Salvo if he would be able to do a session for me. I was very surprised by the amazing results I had. Right away the pain started to go away. By that evening it was 95% gone. I woke up this morning with no pain and was able to sleep. I cannot thank Salvo enough for helping me. He is a great healer.’

Marsha L., Colorado Springs, US

‘After sessions, others even noticed change in my overall appearance and demeanour. I was more calm and relaxed.’

Kim T., Earls Court, London, UK

‘Salvo made me feel very safe when I faced traumatic situations and memories which arise in sessions.  I trusted him implicitly which I haven’t been able to do with other people.’

Tracy H., Bromley, London, UK

‘This new [healing] method felt amazing.  I think Salvo has a special gift for this.’

Lina T., Balham, London, UK

‘I found this work to be very deep and far reaching and I’m so grateful to Salvo for this beautiful crystal healing experience.’

Laura K., Bayswater, London, UK

‘Salvo is an excellent healer.  He really cares.  I feel like he listens to me and his help has been invaluable.  He also is very knowledgeable about crystals.  For anyone who wants to upgrade their energy and life, I highly recommend crystal healing sessions with Salvo.’

Kristin Y., Beckenham, London, UK

‘I did not know what to expect when I went for my treatments, but after the sessions I could FEEL the energy each time and awoke with a profound sense of well-being and contentment.  Each treatment has left me energised, relaxed and refreshed. For this reasons and his calm, warming gentle manner, his listening and communication skills that I would consult him again.’

Sharon C., Herne Hill, London, UK

‘Salvo, my life has changed for the better, after the healing you gave me.  I’m so very grateful!’

Lynda W., White Rock, Canada

‘Thank you so much Salvo for your guidance, healing and positive words me.  I sincerely feel rejuvenated and have this feeling to shining from inside out…this is my true essence.’

Ariane B., Perth, Australia

‘…the session has had a great effect on all levels. All my pains disappeared.  My mind is so much clearer and I feel the joy vibrating in all my body’.

Gianina L, Ontario, Canada

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