Crystal Healing

What happens in during an in-person session?

Coming to a crystal healing session requires only a few things: an open mind, the will to improve your wellbeing and the wearing of natural fibre clothing such as cotton, wool or linen.

Before starting the healing itself, I like to get to know about you and the concerns that brought you to me.

Whatever is discussed before, during and after the session is confidential, treated with full discretion and a non-judgemental stance: I am here to help you with your problem to the best of my ability.

As we talk, I will take notes to help me understand where I need to direct my attention (chakras, aura, etc.).

The healing starts when I put crystals on particular points of your body that need balancing. Some might prefer not to have the crystals placed directly on their body, so I put them as close as possible to interact in the best way.

During the session your comfort is paramount and this means that if you don’t feel a crystal is right on you or if you are uncomfortable with what is happening, we can stop at any time.

It’s inevitable that memories and possibly painful recollections will surface: I encourage you to share these with me so that I can understand if deeper, further work is required. This is not compulsory but opening up to what arises is the way to eliminate the blockage and for me to focus to the different part of the issue when needed.

Once the healing part of the session is over I invite you to sit and get gently re-accustom yourself to the light and environment. Then, we will have a quick talk about feelings and impressions and discuss the next steps.

Chakra and aura balancing

Clear your chakras and aura with a quick balancing session. One-off or on a regular basis.

Cord cutting

Remove the energetic links that deplete your energy and wellness.

Crystal Healing

A more in-depth Crystal Healing session to remove negativity, stress and anxiety and more.

Past-life/Childhood Regression

Release the traumatic events that condition your present life exploring childhood or past lives.

Life purpose

Redescover your sense of purpose, joy for life and creativity connecting with guidance and the Universe.

Crystal Meditation

A guided meditation to help you achieve inner peace, calm and a closer bond with your crystals or any other precious items.

Or if you’re still unsure which is the best option for you, I can help you. Send an email to [email protected] or send me a message on my chat.