crystal healing

What happens during an online session?

Using crystals for online healing works just as well as in person so long as: you have an open mind, are able to concentrate and most of all are not disturbed during the session.

Before starting the healing itself, I like to get to know about you and the concerns that brought you to me. Whatever is discussed before, during and after the session is confidential, treated with full discretion and a non-judgemental stance: I am here to help you with your problem to the best of my ability.

As we talk, I will take notes to help me understand where I need to direct my attention (chakras, aura, etc.).

Online healing always starts with me asking you to concentrate to help you ground and centre yourself.

For healing I will use the notes I made and the charts I have that help me to define the problem even further. Here my pendulums and my intuition guide me to focus on you and your issue.

If at any point you are not comfortable with what is happening, we can stop the session.

Once the healing part of the session is over I invite you to get gently re-accustomed to the light and the environment. Then, we will have a quick talk about feelings and impressions and discuss the next steps.

Chakra and aura balancing

Clear your chakras and aura with a quick balancing session. One-off or on a regular basis.

Crystal Healing

A more in-depth Crystal Healing session to remove negativity, stress and anxiety and more.

Crystal Meditation

A guided meditation to help you achieve inner peace, calm and a closer bond with your crystals or any other precious items.

Pendulum Reading

What happens during a reading?

If you ask for a pendulum reading, I ask you to concentrate, have an open mind and ensure you can’t be disturbed.

If you have some prepared questions and an area of interest such as money, work or love, this is both welcome and helpful. If you like, you can take notes of the answers.

During the reading, please do not withhold information: the clearer the situation is, the more accurate will be the reading.

Please bear in mind that with the pendulum, as with all other divination methods, the reading is valid taking into consideration the circumstances you are in at the moment of reading. If something changes the predictions might vary or be altered altogether.

Remember: you are in charge of your decisions at all times.

Pendulum Reading

Struggling to make a decision? Curious to know how something is progressing? Want to know more about money, love or work? Let the pendulum help you!

Cleanse your space from negativity

How does it work?

As with pendulum reading, this online session requires concentration, an open mind and a space free from disturbance.

During the cleansing, please do not withhold information: the clearer the situation is, the more thorough will be the process.

An outline of the space is required. A quick drawing is sufficient.

It’s not necessary for you to be in the space in question.

Cleanse your space from Negativity

Do you feel uneasy in your house or any other particular place? Feel something is wrong somewhere but you can’t explain why? Then there could be negativity accumulated in that particular place. Let me help remove it.

Or if you’re still unsure which is the best option for you, I can help you. Send an email to [email protected] or send me a message on my chat.