I have been interested in crystals, the supernatural, fairy tales and magic since I was a child. I devoured books on astrology, fortune telling and the occult in general. Things changed when I acquired a Tarot deck. I discovered I had a natural talent for it. I then began reading about Palmistry but as with Tarots, I didn’t feel I had to know by heart what every mount and line meant according to the books. So I let myself go and used my intuition.
Messages came to me naturally and I knew what to tell people with certainty. Some people’s predictions were confirmed very quickly (half-an-hour!); others felt I must have been fed insights about them! That’s what happened to a friend, whose palm I reluctantly read, when I told him something about his childhood that nobody in my group of friends could have known.

But with crystals it was different. I have always viewed crystals with awe and was charmed by the sparkle of my grandmother’s rings. I remember thinking: I want to collect crystals and special stones because of their intense colours and beauty. So every time I found a stone that was somehow different from others, I kept it. And that’s how I stumbled across my first crystal – a piece of Stilbite – not far from my house.

Since moving to London, my rock and crystal collection has grown steadily but it was only when a friend came to visit that things changed. She suggested I do a course in Crystal Healing; that way, I could match my love of crystals with helping others to feel better. That felt both very important and deeply touching for me. I discovered why later: during past life regression I realised that my engagement with crystals was not a new thing. I learned that I used to work and study crystals in Atlantis; and in medieval times I healed people with them.
That’s why I want to share my knowledge and intuition to improve your wellbeing. Let me put my passion for crystals at your service!

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Stilbite crystal

The Stilbite I found near to my home.

Me feeding a monkey and its baby