Crystal Healing London FAQ

Who can benefit from Crystal Healing?

Anyone can benefit, male and female. Clients must be at least 18 years of age.

Do I need to wear particular clothing?

No, the only request is to wear comfortable natural fibre clothing (wool, cotton, linen, etc.).

What will happen during a session?

I will ask you to lie down comfortably and after I choose the appropriate crystals for your ailment I will lay them on your body and/or around you. During the session, I might need to remove, change or add crystals if you need more or less support. I also rely on pendulum dowsing to find imbalances in your body and to shift and facilitate energy when needed. During a session, your thoughts, images or feelings could surface.  This a normal part of the healing process, as the body releases old tensions, emotions or trauma. Sharing these insights with me will help make my work more accurate.

Do I need to have the crystals on me?

I find that crystals work better when they are laid directly on the body.  However, if you prefer, I can lay them next to your body. The effect is lessened but nevertheless they still work. I will never ask you to put a crystal in your mouth, too close to your eyes or anywhere you wouldn’t be comfortable.

If I don’t feel comfortable, at any point of the session, can I stop?

Of course you can. I will never ask you to be uncomfortable during the session. You are always in charge and can ask me to stop at any time.

What if I have a particular allergy or cannot lie down?

Before any session, I will send you a form, and on it you can specify anything you might need.  I will do my best to accommodate your requirements.

Can I bring someone else with me to the session with me? 

Yes, that is fine, providing that this person does not interfere with our work.  Pets are not allowed unless the session is for them.

Can I use Crystal Healing instead of medical treatment?

No, it should not be used as an alternative to seeking help from your GP or any medical consultants. It is a complementary therapy that can be used alongside medical treatments.


Aura energetic layer expanding from the physical body, composed by the subtle bodies.

Chakras energetic points connecting the physical body and subtle bodies. According to Indian philosophy, they are spinning energy ‘wheels’ connected to energy channels in our body. There are seven main chakras located along the spine: crown, over or on the head; third eye, on the centre of forehead; throat; heart; solar plexus; sexual or sacral and base or root at the base of the spine.

Energy cords psychic links to people, places and things.

Psychic attacks malevolent thoughts and emotional energy directed towards someone to provoke illness such as anxiety, headaches, nausea, depression, etc.

Childhood regression assisted process that allows access to childhood memories, thoughts and feelings with the aim of removing what influences negatively the present life.

Past life regression assisted process that allows access to past lives memories, thoughts and feelings with the aim of removing what influences negatively the present life.

Subtle body energetic layer that covers the body expanding from the physical body. Diverse beliefs say that we have either of five or seven bodies (etheric, emotional, astral, spiritual, mental, causal and celestial) interpenetrating. They all form the aura.


Whilst all reasonable endeavours are made to provide intuitive healing services, they should be viewed as complementary and do not replace medical care.  Clients are recommended also to seek medical advice for any medical condition and, if under a doctor’s care, continue to follow medical advice.  In the event of any conflict between the information provided by Salvo Scalici and a medical doctor, clients should always follow their doctor’s advice. Salvo Scalici is not a medical practitioner and cannot medically diagnose or treat any ailment. The use of the word ‘healing’ does not constitute any claims of offering a ‘cure’ or an alternative to the services of a qualified medical practitioner. Clients are responsible for their own decisions, health and wellbeing and Salvo Scalici/Crystal Healing London accept no responsibility for such to the extent permissible by law.

Clients must be over 18 years of age.

Please note that no recording devices (audio or video) are allowed during a session of any kind with Salvo Scalici.