What is meditation?

Meditation is the act of focusing awareness to attain mental clarity and inner calm.
This can be achieved by focusing on a particular thought, emotion, or object, or trying to silence the mind’s background noise to concentrate on the inner self.
Some people find it hard to meditate but concentrating on a familiar object can give the process a sense of purpose. Meditating with crystals, however, is different because they can help not only provide focus, they can offer insights and healing too.

Crystals to the rescue

If you’re feeling out of sorts and stressed, here’s a simple Crystal Meditation to start with:

  • sit somewhere quiet with your feet touching the ground – remove your shoes, if possible.
  • hold a grounding crystal in your hands (Smoky Quartz, Onyx or Black Tourmaline work well here) and if the crystal has a natural point, direct it towards your feet or the ground.
  • close your eyes and breathe gently through your nose. Try to focus on the crystal.
  • visualise the accumulated stress moving gently from you body to your arms, then to your hands and finally to the crystal. Once the stress has reached the crystal, visualise it leaving and going to the ground.
  • Stay in this state until you feel the stress has gone or as long as you like.
  • When you finish, don’t forget to cleanse your crystal to remove the unwanted energy.

Crystals can also be used to heal the chakras. Choose a crystal whose colour resonates with one of the seven main chakras (crown – violet or white, third eye – indigo or deep blue, throat – blue, heart – pink or green, solar plexus – yellow, sacral – orange, and root – red) and place it directly on that part of the body (for this it’s better to be lying down) without holding it. Breathe gently through the nose for a few moments. Remain like this until you feel lighter in the area concerned.

Connection and insights

Some crystals, such as Clear Quartz or Amethyst, can help when you need inspiration, deeper concentration, insights or to tune in to your psychic abilities.
For this, place a crystal with its termination pointing upwards on your third eye chakra and a grounding crystal at your root chakra.  Breathe gently through the nose and let yourself go into a state of relaxation. It’s then that you will obtain a deeper connection to your Higher Self and the crystal.  When you feel you have this connection, gently ask your question or make your request.  Allow some time for the answer to come.
Afterwards, write down your answers and feelings if you feel you need to;  they might turn out useful in the future when you want to revisit the answer.

Crystal are also able to confer particular qualities.  Try the previous meditation and instead of using clear Quartz on the third eye chakra, use a crystal that helps attain what you’re looking for.  For example Aquamarine can give you courage and make you more tolerant; Onyx can help with strength and confidence; Sunstone – happiness and mood-lift, and Selenite can assist you contact the angels or your spiritual guides.

Hidden gifts

Some crystals, especially certain Quartzes, have hidden gifts that can be unlocked only during meditation with them.  These crystals are called Lemurian and Record Keepers, because it is believed that the Lemurian and Atlantean civilisation locked the secrets of their past in them. These crystals have special etchings or small triangles on their faces that act as locks.  Only meditating deeply with these crystals will unveil their secrets.

To conclude…

If meditation offers you a better perspective of yourself, bringing calm and inner balance, Crystal Meditation can help you go a step further. Crystals can help you balance body, mind and spirit, and they can also reveal their gifts to those who seek them out.

Remember: use only cleansed crystals before any meditation!

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