Programming is an important part of working with crystals. Crystals perceive our intentions and if we act for the greater good crystals will also help to heal without being programmed. At times though if we need to ask something more specific, programming is the right tool to help us reach our goal.

What does programming a crystal mean?

Programming crystals is to voice our intentions and desires to the Universe and to ask the crystals to work on them with us. It is important that what we ask is for the greater good but at the same time we cannot demand impossible tasks of the crystals. Crystals know already that they are working for us and with us in one way or another but programming is to ask a specific thing.

Once a crystal is programmed its structure is altered to accommodate our request.  Remember: a single crystal cannot work on multiple programmes: it is best to have a number crystals programmed for different purposes. Also crystals have their own innate qualities and healing capacities and these will allow them to work in a specific way. For example, it is better to ask for help with energy and strength from a pyrite crystal rather than a moonstone.

How to programme a crystal

The programme could be instilled during meditation, by holding the crystal in the hands, pressing the thumb of our dominant hand on one of the faces or holding the crystal against the third eye centre. In this position we may imagine surrounding the crystal with light and thinking or saying aloud the intention that we are asking the crystal to help with. The process might need to be repeated till we feel the crystal has accepted it. It is important to know that crystals might refuse the programming and we cannot force them to comply.

My experience

Last year I had bad sinusitis and I programmed a fluorite tetrahedron to help me get rid of the infection. I bought that crystal in November and I clearly remember being attracted to its shape and colours: green, clear and violet. It seemed to call out to me.

I put the crystal on my third eye chakra area and on two different days mentally communicated that I needed its help. On the first occasion the crystal was assertive. On the second, as I rested the crystal on my brow and whispered that I needed help I suddenly saw myself in a fluorescent green cave with my body all permeated by the green light. I could move freely and I could see that my body shape was made of that deep green light and no other colours.
The experience did not last long but it was really intense.
After few days my sinuses improved. I was glad to have chosen that crystal and for the experience that it gave me.

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