I’m often asked how I go about choosing and buying crystals.

I usually say it depends on the individual and what the crystal is needed for. Buying crystals is not art but it does require a bit of practice. I have three rules that help me:

Eye tuning

– when there is a range of crystals to select from, it’s the one that attracts and holds my attention that is most likely to suit my future needs. The only proviso to this is that you might end up with loads of crystals or ones that don’t have all the desired healing properties.


– crystals are chosen because of a particular necessity (healing, meditation, colour, etc.). But they may not be attuned to me and so they might not work as strongly as they should.


–  when a range of crystals is available, I choose only the one that clearly presents positive and strong vibrations when I touch or hold it.  It will suit my needs and is finely attuned to my inner vibrations.  Of course to be attracted to a crystal I need to be in a state where I can be finely tuned and receptive to feel the ‘right’ crystal. This isn’t always possible but with time I think anyone can tune into themselves to find what is right.

Naturally, I apply these three rules whenever possible. But if you still feel unsure I would recommend ‘muscle testing’ – where you programme your body to give simple answers yes or no by certain actions. This is the best way to reach a decision without even touching the crystal.

Where do I buy crystals? Well, this also depends where I feel most comfortable. I personally like little shops where they have a broad range, crystals are not overly polished and there’s good energy in the store. I love those places, often outside London, where I can make rare discoveries; but I could recommend a few in London where I’ve been successful.

My story

The crystal in the picture I found by chance.  I saw it in a bric-a-brac store where it was part of the display. It was so beautiful and I felt it was ‘calling me’.  When I asked the assistant the price, she told me it wasn’t on sale! But I knew I had to have it so I tried to negotiate. So I spoke to the owner and offered her a price. To my great surprise, she was happy with it and sold it to me.  To me, it was a bargain because it’s so beautiful and is really powerful.

Do you want to know more? Have a look at about Crystal Healing for a deeper insight!

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