Orthorhombic crystals are characterised by having three unequal axes of symmetry at 90 degrees and a rhombic inner structure.

Their crystal properties are:

-key to clearing unecessary energies and habits

If you are drawn exclusively to orthorhombic crystals, you

-are not self-promoting
-look at others’ needs before your own
-like to keep a stable environment/play safe
-tend to be socially aware
-have an eye for detail
-are undemanding

Examples of orthorhombic crystals:


If you need to be more focused, caring or need more stability in your life the orthorhombic crystals are ideal for you. Orthorhombic crystals are here to teach us that taking it slow is not necessarily a bad thing. Place them close to your solar plexus to ‘balance’ your life.

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