When I wrote about rocks and crystals I introduced the properties of the crystal systems. Each of them has particular attributes that could be harnessed to improve some aspect of our personality. In this post I’m focusing on the cubic crystals.

Cubic crystals are characterised by having their symmetry axes at 90 degrees and a square structure.

What are their particular properties?


If you are drawn exclusively to cubic crystals, you

-are a very logical person who doesn’t let anything or anybody decide for you
-love your routines and habits, even the bad ones!
-tend to lack flexibility and are always serious
-like to be punctual and precise
-are very good at planning and can foresee any development

Examples of cubic crystals


If you feel that any aspect of your life needs stability or regularity then use cubic crystals. Or, if you feel you need to loosen up a bit, cubic crystals are there to show you that you don’t have to take things too seriously. Place them close to the base chakra at let them help ‘regulate’ everything for you.

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