There seems to be a lot of confusion about what charging crystals means. Some say it is the same thing as cleansing, others say that charging is not cleansing.

In my experience charging and cleansing are not the same things.
Cleansing is a way to purify the crystals so as to remove any negativity they may have accrued (See why cleanse crystals?).

Charging crystals is a way of giving them an energy boost. This is especially needed when crystals have been used in a very difficult healing session, exposed to particular detrimental rituals or have been around negative energies.

Charging without first cleansing is like trying to wind up a clock whose mechanism is full of rust.

That’s why it is important to distinguish between cleansing and charging.

So what exactly is charging?

Charging is essentially helping depleted crystals to regain or to boost their energies. It’s like taking vitamins when you are down with flu or having a big breakfast when you need extra energy to start the day.

There are several ways to charge crystals. Here are some examples – but as with everything that requires particular sensitivity, use the method you think works best for you.

Crystal cluster: crystals are placed on a quartz or amethyst cluster and they are left there overnight or until it is sensed that they are fully charged.

Pros: crystals like quartz and amethyst are powerful and are able to charge other crystals that are difficult to charge by other means.

Cons: jewellery or soft crystals could be easily scratched by the cluster’s edges and tips.

Moonlight/Sunlight: crystals are placed in moonlight or sunlight. This could be done for days, overnight or as long as you think is right. Some prefer to expose crystals in the sunlight on particular days such as the equinoxes when the light is more intense, or at dawn or dusk when the light is not too intense.

Pros: the Sun and Moon give a particular vibration to crystals.

Cons: some crystals such as amethyst or rose quartz are too delicate to be exposed directly to the sun. Moonlight is a much softer light and so does not alter the colour or aspect of any gemstone. Some crystals could be affected by the damp in the air at night.

Copper pyramid: Place the crystals in a copper pipe pyramid with dimensions relative to the Egyptian pyramids (Giza or Nubian ones are the best). The crystals  are left overnight or until it’s sensed that they are fully charged.

Pros: several crystals could be charged at a time, especially if the pyramid is large.

Cons: none.

Do you want to know more? Have a look at about Crystal Healing for a deeper insight!

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