Crystals naturally vibrate and these vibrations are their healing properties.  Crystals,  despite their hardness, can also absorb energies and can be affected by negative or unwanted ones that prevent them vibrating at their full potential.   This phenomenon is not visible but it is translated into small alterations to their microstructures.

When we buy crystals we are not aware of the intentions of the people who had them before us. For example, we might not know if the crystals were mined ethically or if the seller cared about them and the environment in which they were kept, etc.; these factors could have a negative influence on them. Also, when we use crystals to heal they absorb and change their structures during the process.  What is more, once extracted from the ground crystals need periodical cleansing to restore their purity.

To prevent the transmission of potentially negative energies, crystals need to be cleansed so as to cancel these micro-alterations, re-establish their correct alignment and restore their full potential as working instruments.

Why I cleanse crystals

Every time I buy new crystals I clean and purify them to give them a fresh start.  I always prefer to let them ‘acclimatise’ to a change of environment, of feelings and moods.  Cleansing therefore represents this process.  When cleansing is complete, I always put my new crystals together with my old ones so that they all ‘welcome’ the new arrival.  When a long time has elapsed since I cleansed my crystals, I like to clean all of them together to revive every crystal.

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